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The business market often involves much larger order amounts than the consumer market. Therefore you need a payment method that can process big amounts. Billink is the only one in the market with a limit of up to €10,000 for business orders. Buy now pay later with Billink leads to a win-win scenario: being able to give your business customers the option to pay later while you get the guarantee of payment.  


Increased conversion

Customers can pay on account from the first order, instead of paying via iDEAL. Offering business post-payments for orders up to €10.000 leads to more conversion and increased sales: buy now pay later for business orders have never been easier. 


Customised solutions

– Special treatment for recurring customers
– Different limits for different customer groups
– Separate treatment for each customer group


Improved cash flow

As soon as an order has been accepted by our check, Billink guarantees the order amount and you are ensured of payment, which has a positive effect on your cash flow. 


Outsource debtor management

We take over debtor management so you can save time and money. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your company. You save money because you don't need to hire extra staff for debtor management.


Integrate your own house style 

The entire invoicing process can be adjusted to your own house style. The texts can also be written in the right tone of voice so they fit your company perfectly.


Rapid credit check 

Within 1 second, Billink evaluates whether a customer is suitable for paying on account. An internal evaluation, which usually takes one or two days before feedback is given, is no longer required. Billink checks in real-time so you don't experience any delays in the order process. 

Buy now, Pay later with Billink | Proforto tells

BNPL for business with Billink

Proforto uses the Billink business buy now, pay later services and we spoke to them about their experience


Customization at Toelevering Online

Toelevering Online, an online platform for the simple and fast ordering of custom frames, faced a number of challenges.

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