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Billink app.
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Consumer Business
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Buy Now, Pay Later for consumers.



Consumers know immediately whether they are able to pay via Billink in your shop. Billink checks consumer data in real time, with smart algorithms ensuring that your customer places an order that fits within his or her spending limit. Billink achieves up to 90% acceptance. Rejected customers can of course always pay via a different payment method.


Customer Journey Workflows

In recent years we have experienced a revolution in the payment world. As a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment method, Billink creates a seamless payment experience for your customers that can be fully customized (if desired). In addition, Billink innovates by focusing its survey on new applications for BNPL such as In-store payments and In-app payments.



Billink was rated the best payment method in the Netherlands in 2020 and 2021. Of course we didn't just become that. With a daily focus on the customer experience Billink succeeds every time in leaving its users happy and satisfied. Billink is rated by its users with a 4.8 on TrustPilot and with a 4.4 star rating on Google.


De Billink app

Met de release van de app in 2020 maakt Billink het voor haar gebruikers nog makkelijker om controle te houden over afgerekende facturen. Via de Billink app kan een order eenvoudig worden betaald, gepauzeerd of kunnen er geschillen worden gemeld. Veel gebruikers kunnen het erg waarderen dat je als eindgebruiker zelf de controle houdt over de openstaande facturen!

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Protest samenwerking met Billink

Samenwerking met Billink leidt tot 7% minder retouren en 45% minder kosten

Blog Sans Online

Pioneer in online fashion: Sans Online

“Bij Billink vind ik het fijn dat je kan kiezen of je snel uitbetaald wil worden of niet. Dat voelt alsof iemand eigenlijk altijd met je meegaat”


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