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Terms of use of Billink B.V.

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When you make a purchase in an online store and choose to pay later with Billink, you agree to certain rules. Below, we explain what is important to know. Would you like to read the Consumer and User Terms at a B1 level and with the correct legal terms? Then download the PDF version.

What you agree to with Billink:

1 – Rules for paying later:

    • If you choose to pay later, you must follow these rules. Sometimes, there are also rules from the store.
    • Your address must be in the Netherlands and cannot be a P.O. box.
    • You must not be close to bankruptcy or have debts you cannot pay.
    • You must be over 18 years old or have permission from your parents.
    • When you provide your information, Billink will check if you can use the pay later option.
    • Always provide accurate information to Billink.

2 – How Billink decides:

    • Billink can decide whether you can pay later. They do not have to explain why not.
    • They will inform you quickly online if it is allowed, usually within 5 seconds.
    • They check if you have enough money and if your information is correct.
    • They can change their decision within 14 days.

3 – How you pay Billink:

    • Billink sends an invoice. You must pay it using online banking or a regular bank transfer.
    • You must ensure that you pay on time. No excuses.
    • If you pay late, you will have to pay extra charges.

4 – When you must pay:

    • You must pay within 14 days. Pay attention to the date from Billink, as it is important.
    • Sometimes, there is a different date on the invoice. You must follow that date.

5 – If your information changes:

    • Inform Billink if you are moving or have a new email address.
    • You must ensure that you receive all messages from Billink correctly.

6 –What if you do not pay or pay late:

    • If you do not pay on time, you must pay the full amount immediately.
    • You will also have to pay interest.

7 – Your data and privacy:

    • Billink takes good care of your data.
    • We use your data to verify your identity and eligibility for the pay later option.
    • If you do not pay, we can use your data to collect the money.
    • If you do not want to receive advertisements or information, you can inform us.
    • We must comply with data protection regulations.

8 –If something goes wrong:

    • Billink is only responsible if they make a major mistake.
    • If they have to compensate for a mistake, they will not pay more than the amount of your order.

9 – Which rules apply?

    • Dutch law applies to the agreements with Billink.
    • If there is a problem, it will go to the court in Rotterdam, unless the law states it must be handled elsewhere.

So, if you make an online purchase and choose to pay later with Billink, it is good to remember these things. This way, you know what to expect and what Billink expects from you.

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