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Consumer Business
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How Billink works.

With Billink, you pay after receiving the order, and only for what you want to keep. This makes online shopping easy and safe.

Stap 1. Kies voor Billink in de Check-out. You order a product via the webshop as you are used to and select Billink as your payment method.
Step 2. Your order is delivered; Je kunt rustig de tijd nemen om te bepalen of de producten bevallen. Ben je niet tevreden over een deel van je bestelling? Dan volg je de gewone retourprocedure van de webwinkel.
Stap 3. Ontvang je factuur; After a few days, you will receive the invoice by email. You can always find the current amount in the Billink app. No stress! You always have 14 days to pay.

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Receive now, pay later 

Do you need to place an order but are low on cash? Billink is the answer! The invoice has a payment term of 14 days.

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Veilig online bestellen

Are you unfamiliar with the webshop, or would you like to see the product first? You can! Order now and pay the invoice once you're satisfied with your purchase.

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Billink Protection

Is the product you ordered unsatisfactory? Then you don't have to pay, or you will receive your money back immediately. Billink protects consumers with Billink purchase protection.

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Snel en gemakkelijk

Pay easily with Billink at the touch of a button. At most webshops, you can even pay with Billink for free!

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Billink available at more and more webshops

Webshops and online stores are increasingly offering the option of post-payment with Billink.

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Ook voor je zakelijke bestellingen

Would you like to pay later for your business purchase? No problem! You can use Billink for business payments at all our affiliated webshops.

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