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  • What is Billink?

    Billink is a flexible payment solution for online retailers. With Billink, customers can opt only to pay for orders after receipt, while Billink takes on the full payment risk, from invoicing to collection. Billink is completely service-oriented and continually works on new innovations, reliability and ease, both for (business) customers and consumers. Thanks to our competitive pricing and service-oriented attitude, Billink is one of the most attractive post-payment providers in the Netherlands.

  • How does Billink work?

    When a consumer opts for post-payment, personal details are submitted. Billink screens this data in real-time to check whether the consumer fulfils the conditions for payment with Billink. If the consumer fulfils the conditions, the order is completed. Billink will send an invoice by email which must be paid within fourteen days. If the consumer does not receive approval for post-payment with Billink, we request that they use a different payment method.

  • What is the advantage of offering post-payment?

    If you offer post-payment at the check-out of your webshop, you are giving the consumer extra reasons to order. You are offering a reliable payment solution; after all, the consumer can see the products ordered before paying for them. Additionally, a consumer may want to place an order, but doesn't have their reader or credit card at hand. The month can last a little longer than the salary, while the consumer needs the product immediately. The possibility of post-payment removes any barriers for the consumer and can generate more sales. The order can be placed now, instead of having to wait.

  • Can business clients also use 'Buy now, Pay later' with Billink?

    Certainly, Billink 'Buy now, Pay later' is offered to both B2C and B2B clients. For business payments, the limit is €10,000.

  • Which plugins and integrations does Billink offer?

    The page "integrations and applications" lists all the platforms that Billink can be linked to. Is your plugin not listed? Contact us! You can send an email to [email protected] or contact us by phone at +31 (0)10 4141473.

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