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Billink Purchase Protection.

At Billink, we believe that online shopping should be fun, simple, and safe.

With BNPL via Billink, you first receive your product and then the invoice, which you have to settle within 14 days. This way, you only pay when you are satisfied. If there are any problems, we are ready to help. Below, discover how our Billink Purchase Protection supports you.

Billink Purchase Protection

24 Snail 1 | Achteraf Betalen | Billink

Delayed delivery

Els' ordered dress has been delayed. She contacts Billink, who pauses her invoice for 14 days until the dress is delivered.

16 Broken | Achteraf Betalen | Billink

Damaged product

Pieter receives damaged headphones. After returns, Billink pauses its invoice pending a replacement.

08 charity | Achteraf Betalen | Billink

Wrong size product

Jurgen has ordered a new training shirt, but in the meantime he has become so wide due to a lot of training, that the shirt is too small. He returns the shirt and orders the correct size. He only pays Billink when he has received the correct size.

48 Fail Delivery | Achteraf Betalen | Billink

Not delivered

Linda's pan set does not arrive on time. After 5 days without a solution, Billink confirms that she doesn't have to pay.

29 Cashback | Achteraf Betalen | Billink


Jesper accidentally paid €216.30 for his deodorant while the invoice stated €21.63. Billink corrects the payment and refunds the excess amount paid.

5 No corruption | Achteraf Betalen | Billink

Unjustified collection

Bram incorrectly receives a collection notice. Billink reassures him and cancels the collection activities.

Have you not received your order (yet)?

The advantage of paying afterwards is that you receive the product first before you pay. Have you not yet received your order by the approaching payment date?

  • Look for messages from the online store about delays.

  • Contact Billink's customer service to pause the invoice for 14 days.

  • No product on the new payment date? E-mail the webshop for order status.

  • Problem not resolved after 5 working days? Contact us; you do not have to pay if the order has not been delivered.

Order doesn't meet your expectations

When purchasing online, you don't see the product in advance. Is it damaged or does it not comply? Then you have a 14-day reflection period*, unless specific exceptions apply. Upon return:

  • Follow the online store's return instructions; Send it back by registered mail and keep the proof of postage.

  • Inform Billink's customer service to pause the invoice.

  • Return not yet processed when payment date is approaching? E-mail the webshop for status.

  • Problem not resolved after 5 days? Contact us. If you are proven right, you do not have to pay us.

*Exceptions, such as hygiene or shelf life, are possible. More information on ConsuWijzer about distance purchasing. More information>

Not making a payment to Billink

If we, following an investigation, determine that you don't have to pay the invoice to Billink, we will return the invoice to the webshop. You will no longer receive payment reminders from Billink. If your invoice has already been transferred to a collection agency, they will cease their collection operations too. This doesn't automatically mean the invoice is fully voided. You may receive information or reminders regarding this invoice from the webshop itself.

Has the issue not been solved?

Report problems via our complaints form, in which you specifically describe the problem. Our Operations Manager will investigate your complaint and find the best solution. The data will only be used to handle the complaint and will not be made public.

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