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Billink is an innovative post-payment solution which allows both your consumer and business customers to make post-payments after receiving the product. You send the product and Billink sends the invoice, which has a payment term of 14 days. We take care of the entire process from acceptance up to collection, so you have nothing to worry about. Would you like to know for how little you can offer Billink? Calculate your rate quickly and easily, or contact us.

Six reasons to offer Billink payment

The Netherlands and Belgium

Do you also serve our neighbours to the south? Billink allows you to effortlessly offer buy now, pay later services for Belgium.

Seemless Integration

Using our free API or plugins, almost every platform can be linked within 24 hours.

Quick payments

No more long waits for your money. With quick payments, Billink will transfer funds to you within 7, 14, 21, or 30 days.

High acceptance

High acceptance is crucial. With the aid of smart technology, Billink reaches an acceptance of more than 90%

Business orders up to €10,000

Do you have a lot of business orders for large amounts? Billink is the only supplier in the market that offers a limit up to €10,000!

No annual contract or subscription

A good partnership is a two-way process. Billink doesn't tie you to anything and doesn't charge any fixed costs.

No subscription fees, just a fee per transaction.

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