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About Billink.

Billink is the most flexible and complete buy now, pay later method in the Netherlands and Belgium. We have been building our payment platform since 2009, with the result that we can now serve more than 2 million users and more than 3000 sales partners and have been named the best alternative payment method in the Netherlands for two years in a row (2021 and 2022).

Met onze achteraf betaal oplossing willen we onzekerheid bij het doen van een online aankoop wegnemen voor zowel de koper als de verkoper. Door aan consumenten de mogelijkheid te bieden een aankoop eerst te ontvangen en te evalueren voordat ze betalen en tegelijk de betaling aan de verkoper te garanderen realiseren we een betrouwbare transactie waarbij het verhogen van vertrouwen en verbeteren van de klantervaring centraal staan.

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Extremely reliable

As a payment method, this is a basic principle. We therefore do everything we can to ensure careful and transparent processing of money and data in all areas.

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Born flexible 

The organization, our product and our team are elastic from head to toe. We respond to every question or challenge and like to think outside the existing solutions. 

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What we do, we do well. It is not for nothing that we invest a substantial part of our turnover in the continuous improvement of our IT infrastructure, security, performance and team.  

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Driven by innovation  

Not only our product team, but everyone contributes to the continuous improvement of our services. New features and updates are launched every week. 

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Entrepreneurial blood

Entrepreneurship is in our core by nature, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and we grab them with both hands. 

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